Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finished project: the white dress

It's time to reveal my second, third and fourth project that I sewed this summer. 3 at a time because they are the same dress, made multiple times. The pattern was a simple, but elegant, free burda-pattern: Danielle 9306

There are 2 reasons why I made this dress three times. The first time I made it, it was simply perfect. Untill I decided I wanted to paint the chaircushions red. I immediatly started to work on them, whilst wearing the dress. After I'd opened the paint and was ready to paint the first cushion, I thought to myself: Better to get out of the dress so I don't spoil it. So I went and put something different on. Alas, the damage was already done. When pulling out the dress, I haden't noticed that there was paint on my fingers... I'd just ruined my favorite dress! So I had to make another one. That dress is still in my possession, as perfect as in the beginning!

The third version was made for a very good friend of mine. She saw the dress and asked if she could have one to. Normally I don't sew for friends - I'm afraid I don't sew well enough for that - but it was an easy project and she deserved it, so I made the dress for her. The fabric I used was similar to mine, but I wanted both dresses to look similar and yet be unique. :-)

Now, let's talk about the changes I made. The bust was perfect from the first try. I didn't have to alter anything, wich doesn't happen very often; I didn't even have to move the points of the darts! The changes I did make, were to shorten the skirt by about 10cm (4"), to get to a flattering length. I also decided to alter the sleeves. I wanted a capsleeve instead of the original puffy sleeves. All the edges where finished - except for the hemline - with matching biaistape. 

The results? A dress I plan to make at least one more time, but probably will end up sewing a couple of times! 

Ps: ofcourse there is an 'underdress' ;-)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finished Project: Circle Skirt

It's finally happening! After 2 months, I was able to shoot some quick shots of my finished projects. First up is a circle skirt. 

 My very first, selfmade pattern! With the help of Gerties explanation in her book 'Gerties New Book for Better Sewing', easy step-by-step guidence, I was able to create this lovely skirt, already one of my wardrobe favorites! There's only one thing I would change next time: the waistband. Gertie advises to use a rectangle, but after sewing everything, I noticed that the waistband was gaping at the waist. So I had to put the buttons on a bit crooked so it would fit nice and snug.

That being said, I'm really, really happy with this skirt and have worn it several times since. Have you ever sewn something wich is actually very simple, but immediatly became a wardrobe favorite?

Friday, September 6, 2013


I've said it before and I'll say it again: life really can be a pain in the ass. Or perhaps arm is more suited in my situation! During my vacation leave, I was able to catch up with my sewing. I sewed 3 clothingpieces with a 4th already cut and ready to sew. Alas, I haven't been able to blog about it yet. Just think of all the post and pictures I'll need to take when I feel like it: you'll have a ball reading those posts :-)

2 weeks ago, I went geocaching by bike with my Other Half. The sun was shining and we had a wonderful day. Until - on our way back home - I didn't see a small roadblock in time and crashed into it, resulting in a broken arm and several bruises. There definitly is a first for everything - untill then I hadn't broken any bones - although I would rather go without that experience.

Besides being pampered (like not cooking, ironing, getting everything done without lifting a finger) it does has it's downsides: I'm not able to sew! Not one little stitch! I can't even draw patterns or cut fabric! And I was on a roll with the third dress and plans to make my very first pair of pants! Alas, that'll be something for when the plaster comes of. Untill then there won't be a lot of sewing or blogposts, because I have to do everything with my left hand.

So, that's it for today. I'll make sure I'll heal fast and perhaps I'll be able to finally post those blogposts with my recent sewing creations!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Clever Links: July 19th, 2013

It's about time that I shared a couple of interesting tutorials. This time it's all about the stitches and finishings. Enjoy!

When working with lycra or any other kind of fabric, you simply can't escape it: the stretchstitch. If you're just like me, you've put sewing with these kind of fabrics because you thought it would be too difficult. The Sewing Loft will take away all your worries with it's tutorial. From now on you'll know what stitch to use and where you can find it on your machine!

French seams
Sewing clothing isn't a challenge to you anymore, or even seams don't have any secrets for you anymore. But did you ever consider how many different seams there are? No? Well then, let me introduce you to the French Seam: a neat finish without serging that will make your piece look professionally crafted inside and out! Visit Grainline and read all about it in her tutorial!

Undoubtedly I've mentioned these needles before. A twinneedle is something you can't go without when sewing Jerseyfabric or the likes. A Stitching Odyssey had a clear and simple tutorial about how to sew with twinneedles: from using a second bobbin to finishing off. It's worth a try!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catching Up

Oh my, Oh my, how time flies by! 2 whole weeks have passed since I published my recent post. So far for my goal of posting at least 1 post a week. :-) A busy agenda and the nice weather doesn't really invite one to stay indoors. These last couple of weeks I've been too tired to do anything else than work, make dinner and relax on the couch. At least, during the week. The weekends are filled with cleaning, little outings or shopping for the home.

Last week I finally finished the good version of the blouse. Sewing this blouse isn't a hard thing, even the collar isn't such a pain in the ass. To be honoust it was even easier then before. The only thing I regret about this version is the fabric. I went looking for a cotton with a bit of stretch, but ended up buying cotton with a lot of stretch (lycra). At first I didn't think it would be too much, or that it would require some more patter-adjustments. None the less, they are necessary, but I didn't do them right away. One of these days I'll take the sides in. Another 'flaw' about the fabric I bought is that it's a bit too heavy for the summer. It's more of a winterfabric than something to wear when it's hot outside. But oh well, aside from that I still love it for  winter :-)

The fabric and blouse from my mock-up is the one I find myself in love with for this summer. It's lighweight, fits like a glove. Your choice of fabric really does make a difference when it comes to patterns and fitting. So even though I didn't plan on it, I'll be wearing this mock-up in real life. But since it's such a lightweight cotton with a lot of see-through, I'll have to wear someting like this underneath to keep it modest :-)

As soon as I've taking pictures of the finished blouse, I'll write a detailed post with the changes I made and any comments about the pattern. Untill that time: embrace the sun now that she's finally arrived in our adorable little country!

Monday, June 3, 2013

There's a first for everything

It took me a while to start this project, but I finally dared it because: there's a first time for everything. These last 2 weeks I've been sewing my very first blouse! Even though I really really like the mock-up, I can't wear it in public due to the sheerness of the fabric. Still, I'm really pleased with how this one turned out.
Admit it: Pretty, isn't it? When I showed it to my father last weekend, he thought I bought a new one. Compliments don't come any bigger! More details about the pattern and it's adjustments will follow as soon as I've made a 'real' blouse. But I was sooo proud that I just had to share this with you!  :D

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little cardigan for a dress

Like I mentioned yesterday, I've been busy whilst not blogging. One of my newest finished profects is this cardigan. Originally it was at least 15 cm (6") longer, but I changed that. De reason for changing it is that I bought this cardigan with it's sole purpose to be worn with dresses. Unfortunately it just didn't suit the dresses. It looked like the dress suddenly poofed from beneath, instead of a smooth transition. So that's why I decided to crop it a bit. Now its soooo much better than the original! By the way: this was my first time with sewing knits. It isn't that hard after all, especially when you have the opportunity to finish the seams with an overlocker. Just put a stretchneedle on your machine, choose a stretchstitch and voila, that's it!

The second cardigan - some model, different color - will also be alterred, same way as it's lighter version: I'll cut about 15 cm (6") out between the bottom and buste (that way I can use that nice finished bottom), take it 1,5cm (1/2") in at the waist [6 cm (2 3/8") in total], tapering to 0 right below the armpit. 

Conclusion? A simpel but oh-so-necessary project!


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